ASNR Gold Medal Awardees

2019 Dr. Michael Brant-Zawadzki
2019 Dr. Carolyn C. Meltzer
2018 Dr. Mauricio Castillo
2018 Dr. Ajax E. George
2017 Dr. Robert D. Zimmerman
2016 Dr. Patrick A. Turski
2015 Dr. William P. Dillon
2014 Dr. Thomas P. Naidich
2013 Dr. Eric J. Russell
2012 Dr. A. James Barkovich
2011 Dr. Burton P. Drayer
2010 Dr. Anton N. Hasso
2009 Dr. Glenn S. Forbes
2008 Dr. Robert R. Lukin
2007 Dr. Robert M. Quencer
2006 Drs. R. Nick Bryan and Charles Kerber
2005 Dr. Samuel M. Wolpert
2004 Drs. Stephen A. Kieffer and E. Ralph Heinz
2003 Drs. Norman E. Leeds and Anne G. Osborn
2002 Drs. David O. Davis and R. Thomas Bergeron
2001 Drs. O. Wayne Houser and J. Arliss Pollock
2000 Dr. Hillier L. “Bud” Baker, Jr.
1999 Drs. Michael Huckman and Grant Hieshima
1998 Drs. Irvin Kricheff and Gordon Potts
1997 Dr. Derek Harwood-Nash
1996 Drs. Sadek Hilal and Giovanni Di Chiro
1995 Drs. Hans Newton and Juan Taveras


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