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Past Presidents

2018-19 Pina C. Sanelli, MD, MPH, FACR
2017-18 Jacqueline A. Bello, MD, FACR
2016-17 Howard A. Rowley, MD
2015-16 Laurie A. Loevner, MD
2014-15 Gordon K. Sze, MD, FACR
2013-14 Mauricio Castillo, MD, FACR
2012-13 Pamela W. Schaefer, MD
2011-12 David B. Hackney, MD, FACR
2010-11 Carolyn Cidis Meltzer, MD, FACR
2009-10 John R. Hesselink, MD, FACR
2008-09 Robert D. Zimmerman, MD, FACR
2007-08 David M. Yousem, MD, MBA
2006-07 Robert I. Grossman, MD
2005-06 Patricia A. Hudgins, MD
2004-05 Victor M. Haughton, MD
2003-04 Charles M. Strother, MD
2002-03 Patrick A. Turski, MD, FACR
2001-02 William P. Dillon, MD
2000-01 William S. Ball, Jr., MD
1999-00 Eric J. Russell, MD, FACR
1998-99 A. James Barkovich, MD
1997-98 Richard E. Latchaw, MD
1996-97 Burton P. Drayer, MD
1995-96 Robert R. Lukin, MD
1994-95 Robert M. Quencer, MD
1993-94 Glenn S. Forbes, MD, FACR
1992-93 David Norman, MD
1991-92 R. Nick Bryan, MD, PhD
1990-91 Anton N. Hasso, MD, FACR
1989-90 Joseph F. Sackett, MD
1988-89 Anne G. Osborn, MD
1987-88 Michael S. Huckman, MD
1986-87 Derek C. Harwood-Nash, MD*
1985-86 R. Thomas Bergeron, MD
1984-85 Samuel M. Wolpert, MD
1983-84 O. Wayne Houser, MD
1982-83 Arthur E. Rosenbaum, MD
1981-82 Gabriel H. Wilson, MD*
1980-81 George Wortzman, MD
1979-80 David O. Davis, MD*
1978-79 Stephen A. Kieffer, MD
1977-78 Sadek K. Hilal, MD*
1976-77 Norman E. Leeds, MD
1975-76 Irvin I. Kricheff, MD
1974-75 Hillier L. Baker, Jr., MD*
1973-74 T. Hans Newton, MD*
1972-73 Fred J. Hodges, III, MD*
1971-72 Norman E. Chase, MD
1970-71 D. Gordon Potts, MD
1969-70 Giovanni Di Chiro, MD*
1968-69 Colin B. Holman, MD*
1967-68 Harold O. Peterson, MD*
1966-67 Ernest H. Wood, MD*
1965-66 Donald L. McRae, MD*
1964-65 Mannie M. Schechter, MD*
1962-64 Juan M. Taveras, MD*


Norman E. Chase, MD
Giovanni Di Chiro, MD*
William N. Hanafee, MD*
Fred J. Hodges, III, MD*
Colin B. Holman, MD*
Norman E. Leeds, MD
Eugene V. Leslie, MD*
Donald L. McRae, MD*
Thomas H. Newton, MD*
Harold O. Peterson, MD*
D. Gordon Potts, MD
Mannie M. Schechter, MD*
Juan M. Taveras, MD*
Ernest H. Wood, MD*

* Deceased

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