ASNR Member-In-Training Education Scholarship: Suggested Topics

Functional/Advanced Imaging Topics (ASFNR)

  1. Neuroimaging for mechanical thrombectomy in acute and late window ischemic stroke: What the on-call radiologist needs to know (maximum submissions received)
  2. Advanced clinical imaging of occult epileptic foci (May select 7T, quantitative analysis, resting state or connectome analyses)
  3. fMRI and DTI for neurosurgical planning: Adding value and efficiency in your clinical practice (May select state of the art, how we do it, reporting and/or communication with navigation systems)  (maximum submissions received)
  4. Clinical applications of advanced diffusion imaging (May select DTI, Q-Ball, DKI, and/or NODDI)
  5. Review of glymphatic system imaging
  6. Update on neurovascular uncoupling imaging in fMRI for surgical planning: Best practices, pearls and pitfalls
  7. Artificial intelligence in clinical neuroimaging (May select deep learning, machine learning or other)
  8. Radiomics in clinical neuroimaging
  9. Clinical neuroimaging of immunotherapy
  10. Neuroimaging of CNS gliomas: Adding value with reporting
  11. Propose another educational functional or advanced imaging topic

Head and Neck Topics (ASHNR)

  1. Head and neck emergencies: what the on call radiologist needs to know (May take top 5 approach, selecting traumatic, infectious, vascular, airway, peds etc.)  (maximum submissions received)
  2. Head and neck paragangliomas: CT, MR and DOTATATE PET imaging (maximum submissions received)
  3. Imaging trigeminal nerve pathology (maximum submissions received)
  4. Incidental tracheal and esophageal pathology for neuroradiologists (Focus on cross sectional imaging. May also select incidental superior mediastinal and apical pulmonary pathology for neuroradiologists)  (maximum submissions received)
  5. Chondroid lesions in the head and neck: beyond rings and arcs
  6. Propose another head and neck topic: Examples may include “Top 5” or “How We do it” approach for difficult head and neck anatomy or clinical issues.

Pediatric Topics (ASPNR)

  1. Pediatric deep gray matter pathologies
  2. Neuroimaging of pediatric leukemia and its complications
  3. Congenital and acquired abnormalities of the corpus callosum (maximum submissions received)
  4. Neuroimaging of Moya Moya disease: evaluation, treatment planning and complications (maximum submissions received)
  5. Pediatric head and neck malignancies (May select a subset, including top ~3 pathologies or ~3 head and neck spaces)  (maximum submissions received)
  6. Propose another educational pediatrics topic

Spine Topics (ASSR)

  1. Clinical applications of DWI for clinical spine imaging
  2. Clinical applications of DTI and fiber tractography for spine
  3. Clinical applications of perfusion imaging for spine imaging
  4. Cervical spinal trauma: neuroimaging, diagnosis and management (maximum submissions received)
  5. Arterial and venous supply to the spinal cord and potential acute vascular pathologies
  6. Neuroimaging of the post-operative cervical spine
  7. Neuroimaging of the varied appearances intraspinal metastases (maximum submissions received)
  8. Neuroimaging of NMO and other autoimmune diseases in the spine (maximum submissions received)
  9. Neuroimaging of primary spinal cord tumors (maximum submissions received)
  10. Propose another educational spine topic

The list of suggested topics may be modified as needed, including to prevent too many applications on the same or similar topics.

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